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February 22, 2008


Rob Humphrey

Question--How can names sourcing benefit corporate recruiters? If I were a headhunter I get it--in fact I would just do my own "names sourcing"..but corp recruiters--basically "Cold calling" the names sourced--I don't see it at all. Please educate me.

Maureen Sharib

Rob, thanks for reading and responding. When I give a list of say, fifty, telephone sourced names that fit the specific requirements for an open position to a corporate recruiter, there's a very good chance that corporate recruiter is going to make a hire out of those names, even though the far greater majority of the names (80%+) won't even be thinking about another job at the time they're called.

Those are powerful metrics.



Can you qualify "very good chance". What is track record? How many corporate recruiters do you have as customers that would back the data up? Happy to take this off line if you are more comfortable answering...

Maureen Sharib

I have a twelve year "track record", if that's how you'd like it put, with many of my original customers (from all those years ago) still in the fold. They're not "in the fold" for their health. If you need further explaining, they don't use me (and other telephone sourcers) because this model doesn't work. Thanks for your interest in the arcane subject of telephone name sourcing!

Ted Moore

Thought I'd weigh in on this, Rob.

In the early 2000's, before I opened my own retained search firm. I was a corporate recruiter who made a small name for himself by concentrating more on the "recruiter" then the "corporate" part of that phrase. Maureen was an invaluable resource in moving the needle beyond the "run an ad, shuffle paper, call an agency, create a spreadsheet, go to a meeting" school of traditional internal employment management.

I would respectfully suggest to all reading this that, rather than pondering metrics and references, you invest 1/10 of a typical agency fee in a list of, say, 50 names that Maureen generates to your specifications. Then, place three progressively more interesting voice mails with each of these prospects over a three-day period of time. Watch what happens if you do this correctly.

After you serve up, in about a week, 3 or 4 recruited, currently employed, high-potential, thoroughly qualified and affordable candidates who never would have answered an ad to your toughest-to-please hiring manager, and after you explain to your boss that you did that for 90% less than the last retained or contingency search firm you worked with, you'll get it.

Happy hunting.

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